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NPT Plug Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

https://phisiobasic.com/93khyemtm00 NPT represents National Pipe Tapered strings, otherwise called ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 pipe strings. It is a U.S. standard for estimating tightened strings on strung channels and fittings. Strung channels can give a successful seal for pipes utilizing hydraulic liquids. It is also introduced as MPT that is Male Pipe String by https://superleathershop.com/wd2vdmq NPT plug manufacturers in India. That is made with NPS (National Pipe Straight), it can’t be interchanged.




As an NPT plug suppliers in India – Daksha Engineering Works is prominent and trustworthy name to deliver a huge range of special gauge including anchor bolt, S.S. Bolt, M.S. Bolts, universal joints ball socket, NPT plug, valves and many more. Our quality and standard make us a preferable choice in the customer’s application needs.




http://tuvillanueva.com/vcxzq56 We help our clients drive more noteworthy efficiency, productivity and development with more than 1 million item contributions, our stock administration and other graceful chain arrangements, and profound ability from over 39 years of working across ventures.

NPT Plug
NPT Plug

Product Description, Item Specification & Benefits

NPT Plug

There are several qualities that our NPT plug serves, and you can check that.


  • Angle Among Tighten and Focus Pivot Of Channel Is 1° 47′ 24″ (1.7800°)
  • Truncation of Roots and Peaks Are Level
  • 60° String Edge
  • Pitch Is Estimated in Strings Per Inch (Tpi)

Item Specifications



  • Apply PTFE tape or glue sealant to MNPT strings beginning one string again from end of fitting. When utilizing tape, firmly enclose by heading of strings to adjust tape to string shape.
    1. Utilize 3 1/2 to 4 wraps of tape when gathering PFA strings to PFA material.
    2. Utilize 4 to 5 wraps of tape when collecting PFA strings to a material other than PFA.
  • Thread the fitting onto the mating segment until hand tight.
  • Using a wrench, fix fitting around 4 turns past hand tight.

PTFE tape = 1/2″ wide for every type of NPT plug fitting

Note: PTFE tape isn’t suggested for use in a vaporous application.


NPT Plug

Available Size

https://www.social360monitoring.com/hglaqndkesn The NPT strings measuring diagram incorporates information for outer and inward funnel strings. The shape rate for all NPT strings is 1/16—3/4 in. per foot (62.5 mm per m) — which is estimated by the difference in breadth over the separation. The outside distance across (OD) of a channel or fitting must likewise be estimated; both the TPI and OD are required for exact distinguishing proof of string size since beyond what one size can have the equivalent TPI.



https://slickforcegirl.com/2021/11/17/2z95cgp0 Regularly utilized sizes include 1/8, ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, and 2 in. These can be found on channels and fittings utilized by most U.S. providers. Sizes under 1/8 in. are here and there utilized for packed air, while measures more than 2 in. are more uncommon, chiefly in light of the fact that other joining strategies are all the more regularly utilized with these bigger sizes.


NPT Plug Applications

  • High immaculateness, synthetic taking care of uses in the semiconductor business
  • Corrosive applications in the substance business
  • Corrosive, high immaculateness Laboratory applications



So, If you want NPT plug for your project needs or application, you can reach us, we manufacture your whole requirement as per our commitment.