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Eye Bolt Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

http://salagala.cat/kl5qemu27 Eye bolt is considerably more potent than nut bolt. These bolts need no longer be used for angular loads. They are available in the market to vary in size.

They are exceptionally liked for perfect finishing, dimensional accuracy, precision made by the best eye bolt suppliers in India.

Eye Bolts, which roll off our production unit, are endowed with remarkable mechanical resistance to corrosion, strength & abrasion, and durability.

The eye bolt manufacturers in India bracketed with the Exporters, and https://superleathershop.com/wxpimrj39x5 eye bolt Suppliers in India.

https://paceptclinic.com/5fq0qbzqj What Is Eye Bolt?

Eye bolts are gear used to lift, circulate and shipping heavy items. This is utilized in numerous fields coping with heavy items inclusive of construction, civil engineering, and shipbuilding. The eye bolt encompasses people with a latch or a swivel at the pinnacle, people with a locking characteristic or a protection lever.

https://phisiobasic.com/k9cyqfh Features of Eye Bolt:

  • They are Dimensionally Accurate
  • They are Highly Durable
  • They are Made With The Engineered With The Precision
  • They are Quality Oriented
  • They are Corrosion Resistant
  • They are Strong Enough

Why Choose Us?

  • We manufacture excessive overall performance eye bolt for commercial packages.
  • We provide eye bolts in aggressive prices, with short turnaround and same-day transport for plenty of merchandise.
  • Our bend of the bolt continues it in place, supplying a strong and stable be part of as soon as the bolt is secured.
  • Daksha Engineering is the manufacturer of an extensive variety of eye bolts in India. We inventory a numerous choice of hard-sporting eye bolts which are appropriate for various maritime activities.
  • Our merchandise encompasses stainless-steel, long shank, zinc plated, swing gate, non-plated self-colour and BS lifting options.


Eye bolts are regularly hooked up into masonry and so variations. The eye bolt is used in transporting heavy machines is to be had in stainless-steel in addition.

As we are Eye bolt suppliers in India provide the quick turnaround and same-day shipping of the nut bolts and eye bolts. Find every product in competitive prices and find us as the best eye bolt manufacturer.